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Toilet Installation and Removal Tool

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IN PATENT # 429761
CA PATENT # 2917574
US PATENT # 9701477
CN PATENT # 105658548
EP PATENT # 3019422



  • Light weight & easy to store in tool kit
  • Fast and easy installation under bowls rim (Side to side or front to back)
  • Precision Lining up of T-Bolts
  • With PICK UP STIX® you now have a toilet lifter, making the job of lifting and lowering of the water closet cleaner & easier with less slips

Who Will Benefit

  • Ceramic Manufactures
  • Plumbers
  • Drain Technicians
  • Renovators
  • Flooring Installers
  • Home Handypersons

Installer and Product Safety

  • Reduce back injuries
  • Reduce fixture breakage by minimizing slips
  • Increase handling ease
  • Minimize bacterial & bio-hazard contact


Pick Up Stix

Increase Installer Confidence

With the use of the PICK UP STIX® toilet lifter even the most difficult installation is done quickly, easily and with precision. Installation is a breeze. No more installer reluctance to promote one-piece, heavier, or sleeker designed toilets which will increase manufactures high-end sales.

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